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  • Video: Warren Buffett sits down for a quick chat with Becky Quick before his ratings agencies testimony
  • Video: Jon Stewart focuses on BP’s horrendous safety record and ideas to plug the leak
  • Video: Back from vacation Jon Stewart reviews the status of the BP gulf oil disaster; also, is Obama more focused on basketball than he is on the oil spill?
  • Video: Alan “Ace” Greenberg recounts the last days of Bear Stearns in his new book
  • Video: Sam Zell on the state of the Real Estate market
  • Video: Sam Zell on financial regulatory reform, newspaper publishing

  • Full Text: Geithner Letter Responding to Republicans on Debt Limit – Wall Street Journal (blog)

    June 29th, 2011 | 10:52 AM | by WSJ |
    Full Text: Geithner Letter Responding to Republicans on Debt Limit
    Wall Street Journal (blog)
    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner pushed back against calls from a group of Republican lawmakers to prioritize paying interest on debt and cut spending instead of raising the debt ceiling. Here is the full text of his letter and the full text of the

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